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Warning/ The price of oil will increase next week

Warning/ The price of oil will increase next week

The announced reduction in crude oil production by Saudi Arabia, Russia and other OPEC+ members of about 5 million barrels per day has been accompanied by immediate effects with the price increase on international exchanges.

According to the "Reuters" News Agency, the price exceeded the level of 80 dollars per barrel, or 1% more expensive than the day before.

This fluctuation is expected to be reflected in our country as well. The president of the Hydrocarbons Association in the country, Luigj Aliaj, told TV Klan that the expectations are that next week, the price of fuel will increase further.

"It should be borne in mind that in the final price of fuel, 120 Lek are only taxes and the rest is the real price of fuel. The dollar has been in our favor and has helped us not to increase the price of fuel, but the geopolitical situation between producing and exporting countries seems tense, reflecting the volatility of oil prices on the stock market. In the coming week, we will have to buy again in the market and the expectations are that the price of oil will increase again", Aliaj .

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