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"After eating a lot of eggs", Teliti argued with Kadina: He is twisting the words; don't talk about eating

"After eating a lot of eggs", Teliti argued with Kadina: He is

The draft law on fiscal amnesty has caused a debate between the Deputy Minister of Economy, Besart Kadia, and the economic expert at the Democratic Party, Dorian Teliti.

While Kadia listed in 'Open' the reasons why the law on fiscal amnesty should be reached, Teliti raised the concern of internationals who see it as a dangerous initiative for the country. The conversation turned into an argument as Teliti turned to Kadia ironically, saying "after eating too many eggs even though the price has increased".

This phrase of Telit irritated the deputy minister who responded to the expert.  

Excerpts from the debate:

Kadia:  You are saying 2 million euros, yes it is 2 million euros or less. Do you agree with 200 or 300 thousand euros? Do you agree with this limit? The representative of the diaspora said his correct point of view. This process has not been approved, nothing has been decided. If we say 2 million euros per individual is high, do we agree on 200 thousand euros?

Kadia:  For me as deputy minister, let's set the limit at 100 million euros. Whoever has the illegal money goes to jail. Who takes the money of crime and comes to Albania. Are there only criminals here?

Teliti:  Well done! Albania was saved. There will be no more evasion and crime. I hope there were filters. Don't be annoying. International partners are worried about how the money will get out of their countries.

Kadia:  How come 600 million euros a year from immigrants. How much money do you have outside the banking system? The limit is 2 million euros per family, not per individual.

Teliti:  In addition to twisting the words, it is looking bad in the eyes of the public. I didn't eat too many eggs this morning even though the price of eggs has increased.

Kadia:  Dorian, don't talk about eating. Don't talk about how much one ate and how much the other ate. We are also on TV and people judge the weight themselves.

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