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Wiretapping on SKY/ How Talo Çela's brother was executed by Nuredin Duman's group

Wiretapping on SKY/ How Talo Çela's brother was executed by Nuredin

The murder of Klevis Kapllani in Sinaballaj of Rrogozhina was carried out while he was talking through the "SKY" application with Nuredin Duman. Kapllani was waiting for Duman's two friends, Besian Xixha and Enver Diva, to take him a "Benz" type car, which would be used for the beating of Dine Çami and Elton Kila in Elbasan. But after receiving the news of Kapllani's murder, Dumani has urgently traveled from Elbasan towards Sinaballaj, seeing from a distance the death of his friend, whom he had used to place the "TT" type weapon in Sei Manahasa's service station in Peqin. This weapon was used by Skerdi Tase in the murder of Emiljano Ramazan in July 2020.

shocked by what had happened and what he had seen, Duman returns to Elbasan, meeting with his financier, Erjon Alibej, and together they agree to respond very quickly to the rival group. They investigate coldly and quickly, coming to the conclusion that the murder of Klevis Kapllani was committed by Seit Manahasa and Talo Çela.

In the inability to capture and hit Manahasa, who in September 2020 was in prison due to the trap set by Dumani and Erjon Alibej with the "TT" pistol and the inability to find Talo Çela, they agreed that their counterattack to focus precisely on Bujar Çela, Talos' brother, who worked as a taxi driver and had never committed a single crime in his life.

The mobilization of the group was carried out in record time, where within 24 hours, 60,000 euros were found for payment, weapons and a stolen "Renault" type vehicle, which the group took from Ervis Martinaj. On September 15, 2020, Klevis Kapllani was killed, while a day later on September 16, 2020, Nuredini met with Enver Diva and Besmir Xixha in the village of Pajovë.

For the murder of Bujar Çela, they had provided Duman with a "Renault" type vehicle, which Ervis Martinaj had left for him. According to Dumani, Martinaj wanted to use this vehicle in a criminal event, but because of the discovery he withdrew, leaving the car in the Fushë-Kruja area, to Enver Diva and Besian Xhixha.

Murders in Shkodër, Rrumbullaku flash meeting with the structures

From the investigations carried out by SPAK, it appears that the "Renault" type vehicle was brought into the Albanian territory from the Morin Border Crossing Point by Gëzim Haziri, who is from the city of Kukës. According to the prosecutor's file, Haziri has a lot of going in and out of the border with the citizen Bujar Hasani alias Lika, a person with a criminal record killed on May 30, 2020 and a close relation of Ervis Martinaj, and Alket Xhixha, the brother of Besian Xhixha, arrested in in flagrante delicto a few years ago for "Attempted murder" to the detriment of citizen Bujar Kullaj, an event that occurred at the intersection of the road in the village of Larushk and "Unauthorized possession of combat weapons".

These facts about the "Renault" vehicle used in the execution of Bujar Çela, support the statement of Nuredin Dumani, who asserted that: "...the çunas (words for Besmir Xixha and Enver Diva) told me that they had a "Renault" that they had taken from him Ervis Martinaj and that this car was planned to be used in another event, but it had been seen many times in that area and could not be used, so they gave it to the chunas...".

Dumani says that one day after Klevis Kapllani was killed, on September 16, 2020, he met with Xixha and Diva in Pajovë and that night they stayed together until around 4:00 a.m. on September 17, under surveillance and waiting for Bujar Çela to come out. from the apartment.

Around this time in the morning, when he went to drink his morning coffee at a coffee bar, which Eljo Bitri had told Nuredin about before. During this period, Bitri was a person who played with both arms, as he was close to Talo Çela, but at the same time he informed Nuredin about everything.

Bujar Çela, was shot with 15 bullets in the surroundings of the coffee shop at the roundabout of Bradashesh in Elbasan, remaining dead on the spot. Two years after this murder, Dumani took SPAK prosecutors to the site of the black water canal, where he threw the weapons used to kill Çela, but they were not found.

"...the pistol that Talo Çela had forgiven me, blocked me while I was shooting his brother, Bujar Çela". Bujar was not dead yet but I wanted him dead. Since my gun was blocked, I called Bess, who was the driver, and told him: "...come on, bring me the gun...".

He said to me: "...what should I do...?" I said to him: "...hit on the head...?. He fired twice with a 9 mm pistol, I don't remember the type of weapon. We then left directly, each with his own car, in the direction of Peqin, where I left a lot of money and waited for the "Renault" bags to arrive.

When I saw them, I signaled them to go back to the place where the cars were going to be burned. The thugs drove the car into the tunnel, under the railway bridge and set it on fire, and they both came to my Benz car. We left all the way to Fushë-Kruja with gasoline. We took them from Beijing to Rrogozhin, then to Durrës - Vorë with the destination Fushë-Krujë.

I left the gas in the parking lot of a building in front of the police station in Fushë-Kruje and told the chunas to take gas to Soni Rreç, because it is of no use to us, in the sense that I would not buy it. We threw the 9 mm pistol and a 7.65 mm Uzi Pistol into the canal that is located on the secondary road in Plepa, on the secondary road canal when it comes from Shkëmbi i Kavaja to Plepa, above the main road. Meanwhile, the pistol that Talo Çela had forgiven me and that he blocked from me, I gave it to Enver Diva after he asked me to.

It was a "Zastava" pistol with a silencer. After the tracks where the roundabout is, we turned right and dropped our weapons. Erjoni brought my money through a person in Vora, where I took out Enver and Besi to get the money as far as I remember. The money came to me and I divided it between the two of them. I did not keep any lek. Both received 30,000 Euros per head. I then left for Kosovo. I wrote to Arjan about this event..." - said Dumani. /Taken from Ora News

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