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Ismail Zeneli, part of the Breçani-Mata group nicknamed "Daja", is arrested in Spain

Ismail Zeneli, part of the Breçani-Mata group nicknamed "Daja",

Another joint operation with the Spanish partners is finalized, for the capture of the citizens announced as wanted internationally.

As part of the "Madrid" operation, a 49-year-old man was located and arrested in Madrid, to be extradited to Albania, accused by the GjKKO of criminal offenses against the person and in the field of narcotics, committed of the criminal group.

As a result of the provision of police intelligence by the investigative structures of the State Police and its exchange, in real time, between Interpol Tirana and Interpol Madrid, the Spanish Police organized and finalized the coded police operation "Madrid".

In the framework of this operation, citizen IZ alias LS, 49 years old, was located and arrested, with the aim of extradition to Albania.

The Special Court against Corruption and Organized Crime, in November 2023, has set the security measure "Arrest in prison" for this citizen, for the criminal offenses "Providing conditions and material means to commit murder", "Trafficking of substances narcotics", "Structured criminal group" and "Commitment of criminal offenses by criminal organization or structured criminal group".

Interpol Tirana continues the work for the extradition of the citizen IZ alias LS, to our country.

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