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He ordered the murder of his wife, Fevziu: How I met Naim Murseli; Shocked by such seemingly normal people

He ordered the murder of his wife, Fevziu: How I met Naim Murseli; Shocked by

The well-known journalist Blend Fevziu has made a reaction on social networks regarding the event that shocked Kosovo a few days ago, where Naim Murseli, who was an adviser to the former president of Kosovo, Behgjet Pacolli, was arrested as one of the organizers of the murder of to his wife, Liridona Ademajt, against the payment of 30 thousand euros.

He says that he was shocked when he saw the couple's photos when the murder was reported, and especially when he saw Naim Murseli in that photo, whom he remembers greeting once in one of Pristina's hotels.

After the news, he says that he tried to find her number to comfort her.

"A few days ago I read a very sad news in the media. A young woman had lost her life in front of her two children and her husband in a robbery attempt in one of the streets of Pristina. It seemed a little strange news for Pristina, which has very high levels of security. But I was even more shocked when I saw the picture of the couple.

Next to the deceased woman was a photograph of her husband, a character whom I remember being greeted somewhere in one of Pristina's hotels, a few years ago. I had the impression of a cultured, polite man who told me that he was an immigrant to Sweden and that he loved Kosovo very much and that he knew all of Kosovo's elite. When I saw the boy's picture and felt a great sadness, I tried to find his phone number to give him some comfort, to tell him to be strong to raise the two orphaned children, for to try so that they had as little trauma as possible from the death of their mother before their eyes.

But, yesterday I read that the Kosovo Police had identified the husband as the organizer of the wife's murder ", said Fevziu.

Fevziu adds that a person who commits such an act does not deserve any word other than "criminal".

"M beta shocked in the first place because such people who seem normal but have such criminal feelings, are so close to us. Although justice and the police have not finally given their word, there is a good chance that this is the real version.

 So I wondered what a man could do to kill his wife in front of two children, to leave them with such a great trauma, to take away a woman, a young girl who had thought to spend his life with her, who was his wife, who had passed happy and sad days no doubt, who had given birth to two children and who hoped to raise them together and many reasons why.

It is certainly difficult to find a reason, but one thing is certain, anyone who commits such an act deserves no other word than a criminal. Rest in peace young woman. I hope that the children will get over this drama as soon as possible and with as little consequences as possible" , stated the journalist.

Naim Murseli, Granit Plava and Kushtrim Kokalla were arrested last night as suspects for the murder of Liridona Ademaj. Murseli, who is the husband of the deceased, is suspected of ordering the murder, which was executed by Plava for 30,000 euros. It is reported that both have admitted their guilt before the investigators. Meanwhile, the third arrested person is Kushtrim Kokalla.


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