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PRINT ARCHIVE / Gramoz Pashko in 1991: "What unites me with Berisha is stronger than what divides us". Lecture for Luli's descendants in PD


An article by Teodor Keko in the newspaper Rilindja Demokratike, immediately after the withdrawal of the opposition from the Stability Government, where Gramoz Pashko had the role of Deputy Prime Minister, as its representative, gives an overview of the political situation in the then opposition.

Pashko says at the press conference that he agreed with the withdrawal order from the government and resigned because he was a minority and minorities respected the decision of the majority. He also says he will return to the DP, where he was - in its economic sector.

Asked about Berisha, Gramoz Pashko says that what unites him is more than the things that divide him.

Found even today in a context of clashes and disagreements, it is strange the big difference between the protagonists then and now. It is about the year 1991 when Albania had just taken the first steps in the democratic process. Pashko's language were to know the majority means to be a democrat, is so far from the discourse of today of some characters in the PD, who want to hold hostage the developments in the opposition for very meager purposes and personal account or of a small group.




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