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"Unprecedented project", ANSA for the Rama-Meloni pact: Only immigrants rescued in waters outside the EU will be sent to Albania

"Unprecedented project", ANSA for the Rama-Meloni pact: Only

A draft law approved by the Italian cabinet on December 5 outlines the transport of migrants to Albania, limiting it only to those rescued by Italian authorities in waters outside the EU.

Only migrants who have been taken on board the vessels of the Italian authorities in the waters outside the EU will be able to be transported to the designated areas in Albania.

This is stated in a draft law approved by the Italian cabinet on December 5. The legislation is crucial for the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and her Albanian counterpart Edi Rama.

The unprecedented project will have to take into account European and international law.

In recent weeks, the place where individuals have been rescued at sea has been highlighted by the European Union in Brussels.

If the rescue takes place in international waters, EU rules on asylum rights do not apply and Italy can transport migrants to another country.

30 million euros for the facilities in Shengjin, Gjadër

In the bill that went before the Cabinet, the costs were calculated at around 87 million euros starting in 2024. However, the total amount was not specified in writing.

Government sources say that the amount in any case will be less than 200 million per year.

Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani said this money would be "well spent to tackle irregular immigration". He said he hopes the procedure will go smoothly in parliament, where opposition groups are expected to oppose the bill.

About 30 million euros are expected to be allocated for the construction of two facilities in the port of Shengjin opposite Bar and in the area of ​​Gjader further inland. The facilities will be considered as "border or transit areas".

For the first, which the bill considers a hotspot, a perimeter of about 240 meters will be created with an external fence four meters high.

The other will have an area of ​​77,700 square meters and will include a center for the repatriation of immigrants where assessments will be made as to whether those arriving meet the requirements for international protection or whether they should be repatriated.

In this area, there are currently 10 objects classified as "ruined" in the MoD.

Italian jurisdiction in the port of Shengjin and the area of ​​Gjader

The draft law provides that Italian jurisdiction will be applied internally. The authorities will be the office of the prefect of Rome and the headquarters of the police of Rome, where there will be up to five specific sections of the territorial commission for the recognition of international protection.

The Rome court will be responsible for any appeals from migrants held in facilities.

In the case of crimes, Rome's judiciary will be in charge, with remote hearings and ad hoc facilities for taking suspects into custody.

The bill states that this ensures that migrants' rights will be respected in accordance with Italian and European law, according to a cabinet press release.

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