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The employment of foreigners in Albania is dominated by those coming from Turkey and Bangladesh

The employment of foreigners in Albania is dominated by those coming from Turkey

Citizens from Turkey and Bangladesh lead the employment of foreigners in Albania for the years 2022 and 2023. Last year, most foreigners were employed in the accommodation and food service sector, in construction and in wholesale and retail trade.

In total, in 2023 there were 9,825 foreigners in the country, equipped with work permits and work certificates, according to data from the National Agency for Employment and Skills (AKPA) for Monitor. Compared to the previous year, their number increased by 18%. Compared to 2018, the number of foreign workers with work permits or certificates has increased 1.5 times.

From February 2023, with the amendment of Law 79/2021 "For foreigners", the implementation of the integrated permit, Unique Permit (residence with employment motive) began. The National Employment and Skills Agency reviews and approves the employment of foreign nationals online. After approval by AKPA, the authority responsible for issuing the Single Permit is the regional structure that covers Border and Migration issues.

For the year 2023, in first place is the Accommodation and food service sector with 1094 employment approvals, in second place is the Construction sector with 999 approvals, in third place is the Other Service Activities sector with 985 approvals, in fourth place is the Trade sector wholesale and retail with 848 approvals and then the other processing industry sector with 788 approvals.

For 2023, according to AKPA, the highest number of foreigners are from Turkey, Bangladesh, Nepal, India and Italy. During the year 2023, the highest number of unique permits approved was during the month of May with 1,421 permits respectively.

Many sectors of the economy are suffering from the lack of employees due to emigration, where in some of them the employment of Turkish citizens is leading.

In construction, the lack of manpower, influenced by two factors, the expansion of the sector and immigration, is being replaced by employment from Turkey, according to the chairman of the Association of Builders of Albania, Erjon Harizi, where many local construction companies are connected with Turkish construction companies for the supply of workers. .

Even the manager of the "Fafa" hotels, Fatos Çerenishti, previously claimed for Monitor that for years he has been employing up to 20 employees from Turkey, mainly chefs, as their employment is more stable, during the 3-4 months of the tourist season. While the employment of citizens from Bangladesh, according to him, turned out to be problematic since they see Albania as a transit country to move to Europe.

So, according to the data of AKPA for the year 2022, in the first place is the sector of the processing Industry with 1563 foreign citizens, in the second place is the sector of Construction with 1118 foreign citizens, in the third place is the sector of Agriculture, forests, fishing with 865 foreign nationals, in fourth place the wholesale and retail trade sector with 765 foreign nationals and then accommodation and food service activities with 762 foreign nationals.

For 2022, foreigners have mainly come from these countries: Turkey, Bangladesh, Egypt and Italy.

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