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Rainfall returns on weekends, in mountainous areas snowfall

Rainfall returns on weekends, in mountainous areas snowfall

A deterioration of atmospheric conditions is expected for today. According to the Military Meteorological Service, the weather is forecast to be mostly cloudy, but there will also be short sunny intervals in the lowlands and on the coast.

Rainfall will be present throughout the day but their highest intensity is expected to be in the afternoon and evening. There will also be snowfall in the northern and northeastern mountainous areas. In the thermal field the temperatures will increase to the minimum values ​​and decrease to the noon values.

For Sunday the country will remain under the influence of unstable atmospheric conditions. The weather is forecasted with dense clouds and moderate rain until the morning hours. Gradually rainfall loses intensity and terrain remaining present along mountainous reliefs.

While in the coastal areas and the western lowlands there will be no lack of sunny hours. In the thermal field temperatures without significant changes in minimum values ​​and slight increase in noon values.

Wind from the northwest with an average speed of 1-10m / sec, accompanied by a ripple of force 2-3 points.

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