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About 120 patients a day, doctors: Beware of heatstroke!

About 120 patients a day, doctors: Beware of heatstroke!

The unusual heat for June that engulfed our country sent many people to the hospital.

In the emergency room of the "Mother Teresa" Hospital Center in Tirana, doctors tell abcnews that around 120 patients have asked for help every day. Heart, blood pressure fluctuations and sunstroke were their most frequent complaints.

"Usually, they come with fluctuating voltage, they come dehydrated. Their number has increased and the number of visits here to the emergency room, lately it has gone over 100-120 cases a day, for sunstroke it can be over 20-30 cases a day. A person or patient who may suffer from sunstroke may have low blood pressure, feel tired, cranky, feel dizzy, have difficulty getting out of bed, become covered in sweat, have dry mouth, such cases may come in a more serious condition that they may not be conscious."

But good news comes from meteorologists. A drop in thermometer values ​​is predicted this weekend, although normal temperatures for the month will last a little longer. From the middle of the next week, it is expected that the country will again be engulfed by heat as a result of air masses originating from Africa.

 "And because the heat wave had its epicenter in Greece, we felt very high temperatures, the maximum reached 37 and due to the high humidity in some cases it was felt 39-40 degrees Celsius. It is predicted that tomorrow there will be showers in the north and center, again in the south with only moments of rain drops, tomorrow we have a relative drop of 3-4 degrees in most of the territory where the maximum will be no more than 29-30 degrees and the weekend remains with stable weather. We will only have these two-three days with typical June temperatures, then the next week will have 34-35 degrees and above this value. From next Wednesday we will be under the influence of air masses coming from Africa, even though the epicenter will again be in Greece and the most extreme temperatures will be there again"

In the face of this heat wave, the advice of doctors goes mainly to the elderly and the chronically ill.

"Since they cause low blood pressure values, make periodic check-ups with the doctor. The dose of medication should be halved, but this is only a consultation. Usually it is the third age, it is the chronic patients who suffer from cardiovascular diseases, chronic renal diseases, who make such problems, and these are mainly referred to the emergency room."

Avoiding exposure to the sun during midday when the radiation is higher and consuming as much fluid as possible to stay hydrated on hot days is the suggestion that comes from doctors who say that high temperatures are becoming the cause of many health problems. .


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