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Smuggled drugs are seized in Kakavija, what was their value

Smuggled drugs are seized in Kakavija, what was their value

A considerable amount of medicines unaccompanied by the relevant documentation is seized at the Kakavija border crossing point, while the possessor is arrested in flagrante delicto.

The Border Police Services in Kakavija, as a result of the increase of controls in order to prevent and crack down on illegality, based on the risk analysis, have selected for a detailed control a truck driven by the citizen DK

During the control exercised on the vehicle, the Border Police services in cooperation with the customs services and the services of Frontex, found hidden in the cabin of the truck 4 bags, inside which were medical medicines (medicines) with a total value of 2 200 euros, of without accompanying the relevant documentation.

After the investigative actions, the specialists of the Economic and Financial Crime Investigation Section in DVP Gjirokastra arrested in flagrante delicto the citizen D. K, 30 years old, resident in Fier.

The materials in charge of the above citizen were passed to the Prosecutor's Office at the Gjirokastra Court of First Instance, for the criminal offense "Smuggling of licensed goods".


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