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Albania removes customs fees for Kosovo, Serbia and North Macedonia

Albania removes customs fees for Kosovo, Serbia and North Macedonia

The Albanian government has decided to remove customs fees for goods that pass through Albanian border points originating from Serbia, Kosovo and North Macedonia.

The decision comes in the wake of the country's commitments in the Open Balkans process and the help that the member states must give each other in the crisis of high prices.

Although Kosovo is not part of this initiative, the Ministry of Finance has decided its exclusion based on the agreements that the two countries have for the removal of customs barriers with each other.

Charges for parking vehicles, printing or stamping goods and weighing them will become zero.

The current fees are 6 euros for parking, 7 euros for weighing and 50 cents for placing the customs plumb.

For a truck that passes the goods from the Albanian border points, the costs will be approximately 14 euros lower than before.

In the first part of this year, the imports of our country to Serbia reached 100 million euros, which is half of the goods we export to this country.

Kosovo is one of the main sources where Albanian business sells goods. For the January-May period, exports to Kosovo reached 132 million euros, while we imported 49 million euros.

In North Macedonia, Albania bought 55.2 million euros of goods and sold 62 million euros./ Euronews Albania

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