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The 'McGonigal' scandal, the American newspaper: Biden does not sanction Rama's corrupt government, he is attacking Berisha

The 'McGonigal' scandal, the American newspaper: Biden does not

The "McGonigal" scandal is back in the spotlight. The American newspaper "American Thinker" writes that Charles McGonigal, a former FBI official, received money from a former intelligence officer to convince Prime Minister Rama not to award oil drilling contracts to some Russian companies.

“McGonigal received money from Oleg Deripaska's agent to help lift US sanctions against him and to investigate a rival oligarch, both charged with using US intelligence resources. He also took money from a former Albanian intelligence officer to convince corrupt Prime Minister Rama not to award oil drilling contracts to several Russian front companies and to direct them to companies he was affiliated with. ” , the article says.

The article also refers to Dorian Duccka or Person B, who was part of the structures of the Chinese company CEFC.

“Ducka was employed by the global Chinese energy firm CEFC; He was so close to Prime Minister Rama that he held the title of "investment advisor" of Albania. It appears that CEFC was corruptly influencing Rama to obtain drilling contracts.

Hunter Biden was also retained by CEFC, whose official presented him with a 3.16-carat diamond and a $100,000 buyout. Hunter and his associates "facilitated five million dollars by arranging CEFC's purchase of US and Canadian Energy assets, which had to be approved by US government agencies," the article continues .

We recall that McGonigal's channel for Rama was CEFC's Dorian Duck. On Hunter Biden's laptop is an e-mail chain with his CEFC group about "taking care" with "rewarding" Dorian Ducka for his help from the start. It appears that a major activity of the CEFC was the corrupt procurement of energy assets for energy-hungry importer China.

"American Thinker" raises questions about whether the Biden administration is restarting a China policy. The example comes from the Sinaloa cartel, the famous Mexican cartel, which, in close connection with Albanian gangs, traffic cocaine.

"The same administration is also going easy on the corrupt Albanian regime, which is closely linked to the main Mexican drug cartel, Sinaloa, along with Albania, which launders the cartel's money and serves as the main European entry point for cocaine. Rama's corrupt drug-enabling government has not been sanctioned recently by Secretary of State Anthony Blinken ," the article says.

"American Thinker" writes that "the conservative rival of the Roma and former prime minister Sali Berisha, out of office for eight years and not the seemingly imminent problem that is the current prime minister, was sanctioned for corruption. But the person closest to Rama is also close to Hunter Biden, i.e. Dorian Ducka."

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