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Scandalously, in Durrës, sewage channels flow into the sea

Scandalously, in Durrës, sewage channels flow into the sea

Durrës is visited by many tourists throughout the year, but the highest flow of vacationers is concentrated in the summer months.

Despite its specifics and the high number of tourists, waste water continues to flow into the sea for years. This brings massive pollution and an unattractive panorama for tourists.

Between the area of ​​Poplars and the Rock of Kavaja is the sewage channel, which flows into the sea. Right next to it are the tents and deckchairs for vacationers. This is one of the canals which has been standing there for years. No one has taken measures to close it, clean or filter the water.

Another channel is located in Golem, a populated area with many businesses and vacationers during the season. Pollution caused by sewage poses a risk to residents and vacationers as it can become a source of skin infection.
Adjacent to this channel are the tents of businesses and the vacationers are waiting, with the same problem which has not been solved for years.

Even at Taulantia Square, sewage pipes are visible, which flow into the sea. The situation remains the same despite the fact that the same issues are discussed every time the beach season starts.

There are also canals in the interior of the city, where waste water collects and passes between residential houses, endangering the health of the population. All canals flow into the sea. TCH

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