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Tensions in the Tirana-Partizani match, the police arrest 4 fans

Tensions in the Tirana-Partizani match, the police arrest 4 fans

Regarding the match between Tirana and Partizan, held yesterday, at the "Air Albania" stadium, the Police of Tirana, for the smooth running of this activity, took a series of measures coordinating the work with the Federation, the teams and the fan groups.

During this match, it was found that pyrotechnics were thrown by the two fans. Following the investigative actions for the situation created, during and after this match, the citizens who are suspected of having thrown flares on the field and who have carried out violent actions have been identified and escorted to the police stations.

So far, 4 citizens have been arrested: DA, 21 years old, RM, 35 years old, QC, 19 years old and ED, 19 years old, all residents of Tirana.

3 citizens, one of them 14 years old, and RB, 26 years old, GX, 24 years old, all three residents of Tirana, were processed in a free state.

Citizens JS, 27 years old, and MB, 18 years old, both residents of Tirana, have also been declared wanted.

The materials were passed to the Prosecutor's Office at the Court of First Instance of the General Jurisdiction in Tirana, for further procedural actions, for the criminal offenses "Disruption of public peace", "Beating an athlete, coach, referee, sports mediator" and "Violent actions in sports activities".

Investigative actions continue for the identification and full documentation of illegal actions that occurred during this sports activity.

The Police of Tirana seeks the cooperation of the Federation, sports clubs, fans, and regardless of the incidents that occurred, it is determined to take measures and guarantee order and security for any sports activity, and to punish any illegality.

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