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Trafficking in human beings/ Rrumbullaku hosts Spanish police officers

Trafficking in human beings/ Rrumbullaku hosts Spanish police officers

The General Director of the State Police, Chief Madhor Muhamet Rrumbullaku, welcomed the General Commissioner for Border and Migration of the National Police of Spain, Julian Ávila Polo, and the heads of the 2 departments of the Spanish Police to the premises of the General Directorate of the State Police.

The visit focused on the further progress of cooperation between the two police forces, the intensification of the commitment to exchange information in favor of the joint fight against human trafficking, the coordination of actions for the repatriation of Albanian citizens, as well as the elimination of bureaucratic barriers, with the aim the extent of cooperation between the two police forces, up to their basic structures.

During the visit, the coordination of techniques and actions between the border police of both countries, in order to prevent and attack cases of illegal immigration, was assessed as a priority, as well as the role of the contact officers of both countries, as liaison points through which cooperation between the two police forces will be further intensified.

The Director General of the State Police expressed his gratitude to the Commissioner General for Borders and Migration Julian Ávila Polo and all colleagues of the Spanish Police, for the current level of work coordination between the officers of the two polices and assured the Commissioner General that The State Police has all the professional and logistical skills to lead, coordinate and participate in joint international operations against organized crime.

The Border and Migration Commissioner of the Spanish National Police thanked the Director General for his hospitality and congratulated him on the vision he has for a more reliable, professional and compact police force in any international cooperation.

The commissioner also emphasized that, through the stability of the cooperation between the two colleagues of the Albanian police, professionals and correctional officers, several internationally wanted persons have been arrested in Albania and extradited, as well as several networks operating in the field of illegal drug trafficking have been hit.

During this visit, the General Director of the State Police introduced his Spanish counterparts with a virtual exhibition of the most important points that the State Police has passed through, as well as with the new State Police agency, which will increase the efficiency of the organization in the fight against crime and service to citizens.

The director also invited Spanish tourists to visit Albania, as our country offers order and security, and extends the hand of humanity and help whenever needed.


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