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"Shame on Albanian politics", Mirush Kabashi was one of the most critical voices for the collapse of the National Theatre

"Shame on Albanian politics", Mirush Kabashi was one of the most

The well-known actor, Mirush Kabashi, passed away today at the age of 75. The sad news about the death of Mirush Kabashi was announced by his family in a notification on the actor's official Facebook page.

Kabashi will not be remembered for his numerous and brilliant roles in cinematography or theatrical scenes, but also as a strong voice that came out against the demolition of the National Theater building in June 2018.

In one of the protests held at the time, Kabashi listed his reasons why he was against the demolition of the National Theater building.

"Let's not deal with the problem based on examples and numbers, but based on principles. If a decision was made, it had to be taken in discussion with the community of artists, whether to reconstruct this theater or to build one from scratch.

If it is agreed, it must be in the project that the entire surface of the existing theater will be made. For me, this should be reconstructed as a theater because it has a glorious history, this theater is the Mecca of Albanian culture. Veliaj tried to remind us that the budget for culture has increased, but we reminded him that Kosovo has twice the budget for culture, while Macedonia has 3-4 times. It is a shame for Albanian politics that they have imposed a dictatorial law on us artists, that I don't get angry at this time. We were then considered helpers of the party in educating the masses, that it made politics for art and artists should produce an art of polished socialist, not realistic. Today, after 30 years, art policies are decided by the government in government meetings. There should be no government or party policy for art, it should only be subject to the Constitution", Kabashi declared.


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