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She was kept locked up by her husband for 2 years, says the 22-year-old's mother: He used to abuse her for no reason!

She was kept locked up by her husband for 2 years, says the 22-year-old's

New details have come to light about the rape and imprisonment of the young Albanian woman in Volos, Greece by her husband.

Invited to the show "With an open heart" on News24, the 22-year-old's mother accused the groom's family of being aware of the violence. She said that she has raised the three children alone and that the girl was in a relationship with Aurel Kurti without her consent. The mother said that Aureli had previously been married and the previous wife had left because of violence.

"I didn't agree with their relationship from the beginning. The girl told me, rape me, lock me inside. I have raised three orphaned children.

He was married and had another child. I didn't know him. I didn't agree with my girlfriend taking it. According to what I heard, the other one also ran away due to violence. He left his wife and got involved with my girlfriend.

My daughter was in a relationship with a boy, lived with him for some time. Then he was lied to by Aurelius. Goca cried because she saw her mother bleeding. He was telling her why she cries in vain. The girl had not denounced him, she said she did not know the roads or the language.

There was no reason, he used to abuse her, he wouldn't let her raise her head. He would bring the girl to us in seconds and pick her up. He never touched the girl again.

Gezimi's eldest son, Dafina's brother-in-law, saved my sister's life. When she was 5 months pregnant with her daughter, he entered and took her daughter from her hands", stated the mother of the 22-year-old.


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