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The death of the Kenyan/Mother of the deceased: No one from Albania has informed me about the progress of the investigations!

The death of the Kenyan/Mother of the deceased: No one from Albania has informed

"I want justice for Joy," this is the cry repeated by the mother of Kenyan Joy Abongo.

 In an interview given for the show "Pa Gjurmë", Ruth Abongo says that although about 3 months have passed since the moment when her daughter Joy ended up in the hospital, she has not received any information from the Albanian authorities about the progress of the investigations.

The only thing he has been told is that "the police are acting", but he has not learned anything else about what is happening regarding the incident.

 Also, she added that she has not even been contacted by the casino managers regarding the death of her daughter who died while being sent to Kenya.


Journalist: Let's go Ruth?!

Ruth Abongo: Where are we?!

Journalist: How are you?

Ruth Abongo: I'm fine!

Reporter: How is the whole family after Joy's death? Did you catch yourself?

Ruth Abongo: Yes, we are better!

Reporter: I'm glad to hear that. I called you because it is important to the investigation. After Joy's death did you talk to her friends Joy Brenda or Emily on the phone?

Ruth Abongo: I've never spoken to Emily, she hasn't contacted me, Joy Brenda gave me her condolences, she called me when Joy died

Journalist: After Joy's death, you received phone calls from Albania, right?

Ruth Abongo: No!

Reporter: Regarding the investigations, no phone calls?

Ruth Abongo: No, I have never been called!

Reporter: What about the Kenyan ambassadors who came to visit the hospital?

Ruth Abongo: I have not spoken to them

Gazetari: Çfarë mendon, do vazhdosh të luftosh dhe të vazhdosh betejën për drejtësi për vajzën tënde?

Ruth Abongo: Unë dua drejtësi për Joy-n!

Gazetari: Do që të mësosh kush e bëri këtë?

Ruth Abongo: Po

Gazetari: Në lidhje me çfarë ndodhi, ke mësuar ndonjë gjë të re?

Ruth Abongo: Më kanë thënë që policia po vepron…

Gazetari: A të kanë kontaktuar menaxherët e kazinosë?

Ruth Abongo: Jo!

Gazetari: Ke një mesazh për institucionet, për njerëzit, për këdo që ka informacion për këtë çështje?

Ruth Abongo: Jo, asgjë! Vetëm kam folur me avokatin e Joy-t

Gazetari: Çfarë ju ka thënë

Ruth Abongo: "Kur të jem gati do jua dërgoj"...


Joy Aoko ndërroi jetë në Kenia, ku u transportua në gjendje kome, disa muaj pasi ndodhej e shtruar tek Trauma.

The 22-year-old had come to Albania to work in a casino, but in August last year, she was found near the building where she had been living for months.

 The preliminary suspicions were that the young woman had fallen from the window, but further examinations proved that she had been violated and most likely raped and then left at the door of the residence where she lived.

Police officers have re-interrogated several people to clarify ambiguities or inconsistencies between their statements and the footage of security cameras in the area. The first to be questioned was the 22-year-old's roommate who is from Ghana.

The staff of the casino and the driver who transported the 22-year-old woman to the residence a few hours before she was found by residents outside the residence in serious condition were also questioned. So far, no one has been arrested in connection with the incident.

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