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"Albania's hidden country that resembles Thailand"

"Albania's hidden country that resembles Thailand"

In a small spot on social networks, tourism in the Shala River near Lake Koman in the north of Albania has been compared to Thailand.

The DailyStar article called the destination a "Thailand holiday within Europe", comparing Shala to a jewel of stunning beaches, great food and moonlit parties, as preferred by the British.

The travel commentator on the TikTok network named Aleksandra Taking posted the footage from the Shale River, commenting: "Albania's hidden country that resembles Thailand."

The video, which received thousands of likes, showed canoeists in clear waters, postcard-like beaches and an impressive backdrop of forested mountains.

The Shala River runs through the Alps of Albania, but the destination can be considered remote from the trip of about three hours to Lake Koman, and then by ferry to the river of rest.

The network recommended that accommodation in Lum e Shales costs 100 euros for a room for three people, while in Koman up to 70 euros for a room per night.


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