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The decision of the Assembly for Xhaçka, Lubonja: It was a message for the justice bodies

The decision of the Assembly for Xhaçka, Lubonja: It was a message for

In today's plenary session, the Assembly voted against the decision of the Constitutional Court for the mandate of the deputy of the Socialist Party, Olta Xhaçka.

The analyst, Fotus Lubonja, invited to "Open" said that today's decision was a message for other justice bodies as well.


"The Constitutional Court could not see the merits because it is caught, and if it saw the merits, it would give a decision in favor of Xhačka, I guess because it is a court that has given many scandalous, unconstitutional decisions. The fact that the Constitutional Court did not say it on the basis and included it in the procedure was to justify itself and postpone it for the procedure.

The question is, was Edi Rama afraid if they gave a decision against Olta Xhaçka while he has been controlled until now. He was afraid that the Constitutional Court might get out of his hands because they are also people and see the balances or are we dealing with a gesture of arrogance that these people are also breaking the zero, the mathematics. When she says zero benefits it can be equal to several million euros.

Çuçi said that we can take him and they give an order to that Gent Ibrahim that they also ate the shame with bread. This leads to the situation we have. All justice is to catch him and show them the stick from time to time that they make some arrests for facade. Bardhi says coup. The coup happened on time. Comrade Enver also said that the party arrested him. It is also a message for SPAK. We took it with blood and we will release it with blood. You remember the slogan and we took it by force and we will release it by force. This should be felt by SPAK and everyone," said Lubonja.

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