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Video/ 3D scheme of the murder of Brilant Martinaj, the perpetrators ambushed the victims

Video/ 3D scheme of the murder of Brilant Martinaj, the perpetrators ambushed

The 3D scheme of the murder of Brilant Martinaj at the Fushë-Kruja roundabout on July 17 of this year has been built. The two friends who were in the vehicle with him, Diklen Vata and Besmir Hoxha, were also killed in the attack.

The investigative show 'On target' on News 24 brought the scheme of how Martinaj was executed together with his two friends. In the constructed footage, it appears that the perpetrators ambushed the vehicle where the victims were and shot at them with 83 bullets. After the execution, the perpetrators set fire to the vehicle and left the scene.

According to the constructed scheme, it is suspected that the assassins ambushed the victims at the entrance of the Fushë-Kruja Bridge shortly after they were separated from Jeton Lami. At the moment when the victims met with Jeton Lam, the perpetrators' car waited for them for about 55 minutes.

The group of authors were engaged that day to follow and trace all the movements of Martinaj and his friends. During their entire wait, they only opened the door of the vehicle where they were waiting for a moment.

The moment they identify Brilant Martinaj's car from afar, the waiting car moves from the place where it has been standing for a long time and follows the target. Behind them, at the same moment, another car follows, which seems to be transporting the perpetrators.

Martinaj's car bursts into flames and the only one who was able to escape the bullets first is Diklen Vata, who in an attempt to escape the perpetrators gets out of the vehicle and walks a few meters away. The assassins then follow him, approach him and shoot him, leaving him dead.

By analyzing the footage, the investigators managed to verify who owned the second vehicle that followed the assassins. According to the data, it turns out that the vehicle was owned by an immigrant living in Great Britain, who was stopped on the plane while traveling to England.

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