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The murder of Liridona/ Milaim Zeka: At the funeral Naim was told 'you are the murderer', he was furious

The murder of Liridona/ Milaim Zeka: At the funeral Naim was told 'you are

Journalist Milaim Zeka stated that he knew Liridona Ademaj and Naim Murseli personally.

In "Top Story", Zeka said that even the Kosovo police knew from the beginning that Naimi was the one who ordered the murder, but he didn't want the funeral to be disturbed, that's why he arrested him after the ceremony. He said that during the funeral ceremony, a journalist told him 'you are the murderer', and after that he reacted brutally.

" My family and I have known Liridona and her husband. In short, I'm saying, when we met him, I have a terrible intuition of a dog's smell. We met in a hotel in Pristina and her husband got up, I said I can't stand it.

She was a wonderful woman and when we got the news, we suspected that he did the deed. And at 10:00 the police found out that he was the planner of the killer, but he shouldn't spoil the funeral... because they found out before the funeral. If you see Naim's brutal reaction against journalists, a colleague of mine told him you are the killer.

Desha and I congratulated the Kosovo police for this murder that shocked us all. I met Liridona at my first birth, this man was a super deceiver, a super abuser and killed my wife so cold-bloodedly in front of me I don't know... what state of madness this man must be." - said Zeka.


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