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Zelenskyy from Tirana: Let's organize a special defense forum between Ukraine and the Balkans

Zelenskyy from Tirana: Let's organize a special defense forum between

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, proposed from the Ukraine-Southeast Europe Summit in Tirana the organization of a special defense forum between Ukraine and the Balkans.

Zelenskyy said that this summit could be held in one of the Balkan capitals. The Ukrainian president stated that he supports the efforts of every Balkan country for European integration and that he is grateful to them for the help they have provided to Ukraine.

"We believe that respect for every nation and the right to security should be universal principles. All this through our cooperation. We believe that every country in the EU that maintains the principles of the European community and wants to become a member of the communities deserves full membership. Ukraine supports your efforts for European integration and we are grateful for the support you give us for European integration. We all deserve to be part of the European and Euro-Atlantic communities.

During this war we have proven that it is possible to face and win against an enemy that seems to be one of the strongest in the world. Every nation can succeed through cooperation between countries. We propose that these efforts of ours be interwoven and strengthened. We are proud to have about 500 defense companies operating in Ukraine, but this is not enough to win over Putin. We see problems in the supply of ammunition, so we are interested in co-production of ammunition with you. Our team will present the details and we propose to organize a special forum for the defense industry between Ukraine and the Balkans" , he said.

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