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It advances the status in NATO, what does this mean for Kosovo

It advances the status in NATO, what does this mean for Kosovo

Kosovo is now officially an associate member of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

Most of the countries have voted in favor, one vote has been against and 14 other countries have abstained, in the meeting of the Assembly, which was held in Sofia, Bulgaria.

What is the NATO Parliamentary Assembly?
The NATO Parliamentary Assembly is institutionally separate from NATO, but serves as an important link between NATO and member countries' parliaments.

It consists of 281 delegates from all 32 NATO member countries.

In addition to them, delegates from 9 associated countries, 4 associated Mediterranean countries, as well as 8 parliamentary observer delegations also participate in its activities.

Associate members may present resolutions and amendments to resolutions. Also, they can serve as special rapporteurs associated in committees, to present their perspectives in NATO-Parliamentary Assembly reports.

However, they do not have the right to vote on the Assembly's reports, resolutions or leadership, nor do they contribute to its budget.

Currently, there are nine associate members - among them Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Assembly of Kosovo, for years, has been an observer delegation with two seats. Now, with the advancement of the status, it will be possible to expand the participating Kosovar delegation.


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