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EU: The agreement between Kosovo and Serbia on license plates has no time limits

EU: The agreement between Kosovo and Serbia on license plates has no time limits

The agreement reached between Kosovo and Serbia on car license plates in November of last year has no time limits or expiration date, confirmed the spokesperson of the European Union, Peter Stano.

In a written response to the media, Stano reiterated that the EU envoy for the dialogue between the two countries, Miroslav Lajçak, invited the chief negotiators for a meeting in Brussels on April 4.

According to the sources of Radio Free Europe in Brussels, the issue of license plates will also be discussed at the April 4 meeting.

He said that at the meeting all the details related to the implementation of the Agreement for the normalization of relations between the two countries, for which the parties reached agreement on February 27 in Brussels, will be discussed.

"In the meantime, the EU expects both sides to continue to contribute to the atmosphere for normalization, reconciliation and rapid implementation of obligations. Also, the parties have pledged to refrain from actions that would go in the opposite direction", the EU spokesperson said on March 31.

On November 23 of last year, Kosovo and Serbia have reached an agreement to overcome the crisis about car license plates.

Until then, Kosovo had insisted on the re-registration of all cars with Serbian license plates in RKS - Republic of Kosovo.

However, with the November agreement, Kosovo has pledged to waive punitive measures related to license plates, while Serbia has pledged that it will no longer issue illegal license plates.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kosovo has not indicated how many cars with such license plates have been re-registered in the RKS. It is estimated that in the north of Kosovo there are about 10,000 cars with license plates issued by Serbia./REL

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