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Former Foreign Minister of Kosovo: The attack resembles the annexation of Crimea

Former Foreign Minister of Kosovo: The attack resembles the annexation of Crimea

The attack that happened on Sunday in the North of Kosovo was orchestrated by the Serbian state. This is also confirmed by the former foreign minister and the deputy speaker of the Assembly of Kosovo, Enver Hoxhaj.

Invited this evening to the show "Open" on News24, he stated that the terrorist attack, in terms of the way of preparation, is impossible that it was not known as a scenario by the Serbian state, as he added that the attack resembles the annexation of Crimea. He said that over 200 soldiers would participate in this attack, as part of the first phase.

Hoxhaj said that after this serious event, Kosovo should now see everything that will follow as a turning point.

" It is the real victory of the police and the state of Kosovo, in a situation that no one could have predicted that Sunday could look like that. Despite the pain, we are proud that we knew how to protect the state in that situation, after a real aggression of the Serbian state towards Kosovo. It is a terrorist act on Kosovo. The agenda has been political from the beginning, logistics and support has been from the Serbian state.

To create new political realities, to take control over the territory, it is thought that there were 200 people who should have been part of the first phase. The attack resembles the annexation of Crimea, equivalent to the events in Croatia and Bosnia. This is only the first phase, we must see this event as a turning point. We cannot now speak the same language we spoke until a week ago.

It is up to Kuritt after this event, beyond political speeches, to have strategies in this new situation. There may also be ongoing scenarios. The amount of weaponry, logistical preparation, financing, the attitude that Vucic has taken, shows that the Serbian state is behind this event. Such great things do not happen without the knowledge of the first in the country.

Russia may have to use Kosovo as a nerve zone that can shake the peace in the Balkans, but the goal is political of the Serbian state", he said.

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