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The Kosovo police interrogate the educator who raped the minor

The Kosovo police interrogate the educator who raped the minor

Kosovo police have interviewed three educators of a state nursery school in Fushë Kosovë, under suspicion of violence against a 3-year-old boy. The child's parent also gave evidence to the police.

A day earlier, the family members of the 3-year-old boy published on social networks, recordings from the security cameras at the "Gezimi Ynë" nursery school in Fushë Kosovë, where they said that the teachers are shown abusing the child.

The Director of Education in Fushë Kosovë, Fatlum Berisha, told the media that the educators who are suspected to have been involved in this case will be suspended from work after completing the police interview.

Meanwhile, the coalition of non-governmental organizations for the protection of children (KOMF) reacted after this event.

"Based on this serious event, KOMF calls for the institutions responsible in fulfilling their mandate to immediately undertake the necessary actions and measures according to the legislation in force", said this coalition.

KOMF also called on institutions to intensify monitoring and inspection of preschool institutions in Kosovo "in order to prevent such cases".

This coalition recalled that according to the Law on the protection of children and other legislations, any form of violence against children is prohibited, including physical, psychological and neglect of children.

According to the family members who published the footage, the 3-year-old boy was beaten by two teachers, claiming that the cleaner and the cook of this institution were also involved in the violence. They also said that the child is experiencing "severe psychological trauma, can no longer sleep and is experiencing great anxiety".

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