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The Kosovo Police continues its investigations in Banjska

The Kosovo Police continues its investigations in Banjska

The Kosovo Police is still conducting investigations in the mountainous area of ​​Banjska, where members of this institution were attacked on September 24. As a result of the attacks, the sergeant of the Kosovo Police, Afrim Bunjaku, was killed. During the clashes with the police, three attackers were also killed.

The Deputy Director of the Kosovo Police, Veton Elshani, told Radio Free Europe that in Tuesday's operation, the Police, including the special unit, are looking for weapons. However, he announced that house checks in that area are not part of the operation.

"We have just withdrawn the special units from Banjska, which means the level of danger decreases, but we needed more people. It is not unusual. We are trying to take the action to the end, but it depends on whether something will be found", said Elshani for Radio Free Europe.

The Kosovo Police found significant amounts of weapons in this area on September 30. Among the equipment found are mentioned: rocket launchers (zolla), long guns and other military equipment, such as bulletproof vests.

After the September 24 attack, police officials also exhibited grenade launchers, numerous automatic rifles, sniper rifles, military vehicles, explosives, detonators, which they found during search operations in this village in the north of Kosovo.

The responsibility for the attacks in Banjska has been taken by Milan Radoicic, former vice-president of the Serbian List. 

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, has said that he is in "central Serbia" and the authorities there have interrogated him "in the capacity of a citizen".

The Kosovo authorities have blamed Serbia for the attack, but the authorities in Belgrade have rejected this accusation.

The attack on the Police in Banjska has been strongly condemned by the United States and the European Union and a call has been made to bring the attackers to justice./REL

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