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Three injured from the same family in Peja

Three injured from the same family in Peja

3 people were injured on Wednesday evening in Peja, according to the media, they are suspected to be members of a family.

While the investigation is ongoing, the police have a suspect and are looking for him.

Ersan Qavolli, the prosecutor of the case at the Basic Prosecutor's Office of Peja, told the Express newspaper that the three people who were injured tonight in Peja are close family members.

The person suspected of this incident "is under intensive search", said prosecutor Qavolli

"There has been a serious murder attempt, we immediately went to the scene together with the investigators, three people are injured and we are looking for the suspect", said prosecutor Qavolli.

"It is suspected that the injured are close family members", he added.

He said that the police are at the scene and are securing all the evidence.

Meanwhile, when asked if he has information about the health condition of the injured persons, Qavolli said "we are going to the victims to see their condition".

Fadil Gashi, spokesman for the Peja regional police, said that the injured were sent for medical treatment to the Peja Hospital.

"At around 21:25 on the street "Bekim Berisha" in Peja, three people were injured by a firearm, the same were sent to the emergency room of the hospital for medical treatment. All competent units are at the scene," Gashi told Express.

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