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The testimony of Liridona Ademaj's cousin is revealed: This is why we suspected Naimi

The testimony of Liridona Ademaj's cousin is revealed: This is why we

The show "Në Shënjestre", by journalist Klodiana Lala on News24, has secured the testimony of Liridona Ademaj's cousin, where the suspect is her husband Naim Murseli.

Sadri Ademaj, Liridona's cousin, narrated the difficult moments of the Ademaj family when he learned of the death of the 30-year-old. He also revealed how the first suspicions arose against the son-in-law of the family, Naim Murseli, as a possible author of the macabre event.

"Our doubts arose when, for example, he did not appear in the case... we have no knowledge of where our sister is, we know that they told us she was killed and we do not know where she is . They told us it's in the morgue, we don't have any kind of information. According to Liridona's family members, Naimi did not come alive even in the sequel, if only to show what had happened that evening.

We have also taken an initiative here...so I went and met Naim personally because I know him, I spent time with him, we have a good relationship, for me his gestures were suspicious. He never said the same word again. There are hardly any words like that.

I said "Okay, why did Liridona stop, why did Liridona stop the car. He said "I don't know why he stopped him".

I then said to him, "How is it possible that you are on the phone and he is saying I was on the phone like this, how is it possible that you are driving and on the phone at the same time?", stated Sadri Ademaj, the victim's cousin. Liridona Ademaj.

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