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Some opposition, no opposition

Some opposition, no opposition

Arben Imami said it Politiko on Friday: I am not running for DP chairman.

According to him, to want to become the leader of a force in which Sali Berisha seems to have 70 percent of the support is absurd.

But Edwin Kulluri, who is one of the Imam's disciples, does not think so. He placed his stone in the queue, shortly after Sali Berisha announced his claim from Kavaja.

Even Fatbardh Kadilli, fourth in the previous race where Basha won, said that if the game opens he is in it.

Basha is probably laughing at this 'race in the air' which will eventually require his signature.

But you laugh better who laughs last and the one who laughs the most seems to be Edi Rama.

He owes a public debt, says he will take satellites into space, declares energy crisis, calls for 'belt-tightening' with the ease of a king.

Even a woman who made a noise, both in words and in boots, has been silent like grass for months. In an interview with VOA, the head of the SMI did not say much, but what she said informed us that the Meta-Kryemadhi-Basha axis has entered the turmoil of the Bermuda triangle.

With such an opposition that launders internal scores and divides the public, Rama has little battle.

The question becomes: Is there room for a new opposition where the traditional opposition becomes obsolete in a clash?

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