Lulzim Basha convenes the Assembly of the DP

Lulzim Basha convenes the Assembly of the DP

Alfred Lela

The convening of the National Assembly a week after that of Sali Berisha makes Lulzim Basha look like the one who goes late in history class. Even though he puts him in the process, taking him out of talking alone or with Gaz Bardhi, again the decision seems delayed and mimics the movements of Sali Berisha.

Politically, the move means something just about access to the circle of media noise, but nothing in terms of strategic clarity. Basha does nothing else, announcing the Assembly, but gives his opponent the opportunity and time to prepare one more move and to have it ready for December 11 and for every other day until the 18th of the month.  

No matter how it goes on the 18th, Berisha's Assembly on the 11th will have lit the lamp of the effect for the first time, will have created the spin for next week, will have encouraged a part of the democratic base, and discouraged the rest.

Take away the case when Lulzim Basha does not believe, and there is information, that 4200 Berisha's signatures are factual and the Democratic National Assembly is loyal to him and no one else. If the chairman of the Democratic Party does not have this security with him, even in the best case, that of having 3 thousand delegates, he will make him look like a minority shareholder in the Democratic Party. Or it will make him fall into the trap of manipulation by filling the hall with non-delegates. If Berisha publicly certifies his own on December 11, those 4,200 delegates must be removed from any political count and arithmetic. Just as, according to Heraclitus, we cannot cross twice on the bank of the same river, neither can victory pass twice over the same body of delegates.

Take away the case of a categorical political decision: the split of the Democratic Party.

This, in fact, may be Basha's last and only move to allow Berisha to be in the political game but taking away his political output, the PD. In this case, Basha holds the seal, the party, the symbols, a part of the parliamentary group, and starts the march, first towards his political independence and the contouring of a new DP. If not anti-Berisha at least not Berisha.

A PD that is separated from its past, keeping in mind not only the sludge, but also the cream of the transition, and ends at the contours of the new Republic. Basha thus has a part left, but it is at least the part he can control and increase himself. It also prolongs his life as mayor. If we officially take December 18 as the day of re-establishment, it is up to Basha to start his life as the chairman of the new party from this date. To be honest with himself, at least in a party that is his, he must seek a re-vote.

If this is not the plan, any other plan, which has as a platform the permanent clash with Sali Berisha, will hold the DP hostage to a battle that never ends. Berisha knows this and Basha must have understood it. For this he has finally decided to give battle to Sali Berisha. It is true that the Doctor can only be known as an opponent, but it is even more true that, you have to make him an opponent to the end.

Until today, the objections against him have been of the type "I do not go into battle because I am afraid I will embarrass him". Tin work that is.

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