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A standard was set in the "McGonigal" affair

A standard was set in the "McGonigal" affair

Alfred Lela

Fjoralba Dizdari and Enri Ceno were two names little-known by the general public. The two young people, once activists of the Democratic Party and for several months also its exponents, one as a member of the National Council and the other as Secretary of Foreign Relations, entered the widespread attention last week during an unfortunate attempt by the government to deviate the news of the "McGonigal-Rama" affair and to take control of the media narrative.
The photo of the two, arm in arm as a sign of closeness, and beyond this arm, the famous Carles McGonigal, was served up in the TV chronicles as if it were the big news itself and not an accessory thrown into the spotlight by the centrifuge of chance. The attempt was apparent: the relativization of the scandal by putting the opposition in the grip of this violation.
This technique is known everywhere, but since the severed heads of many scandals have fallen at their feet, Rama and his people have dealt with it widely. Rather than governing the country, they have become governors of the news and the public narrative.
Beyond that, what was seen but not noted, was the behavior of the two DP youths concerning the news. They reacted immediately and, at least apparently, confessed the truth. They talked about a birthday dinner where mutual friends introduced them to the FBI agent. This detail is essential for two reasons: first, the two PD activists chose to react to the issue and be transparent, and second, also because they are opposition officials but do not have public responsibility, in the sense that they are not on citizens' payroll, and are neither elected nor appointed by the public. These two details stand out, not in themselves but in contrast to the behavior of high officials who have taken public responsibility and are on citizen's dime. 

Quite the opposite, Rama hid, avoided, and used unworthy language, which he threw like Leviathan on the back of the opposition, accusing it of processing the accusations. Others near him said the opposition prompted the McGonigal affair to cover up January 21. Forgetting that the government "covers up" January 21 itself, at least for the ten years it has been in power. In this sense, the public mockery of Rama and his officials was twofold.
In the line of counterattack that the government chose on January 21, it seems that even the major American newspapers, which persistently reported on the "McGonigal" case, making the prime minister of Albania part of the reporting and research, have had the same agenda with the opposition, which would be fortunate for DP, but impossible.
Either way, the government marches confidently in setting anti-standards. The case, or the political will, had two young people, until yesterday, almost unknown from the opposition, set the only ethical standard in this scandalous and multifaceted affair. 

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