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LB Rebus: The trio will be defeated on Sunday, but the opponent is SB

LB Rebus: The trio will be defeated on Sunday, but the opponent is SB

Alfred Lela

Lulzim Basha, like with many other things in politics, 'is stuck, with Berisha's non grata and the status of former prime minister in the DP and its parliamentary group. He is probably considering an action he should have done long ago: the political assassination of his predecessor.

When he has lacked the courage to perform this act at the right time, he may have to perform it at the most inopportune time possible. Because the non grata has not weakened Sali Berisha; has heroized him. Even his opponents know, although they do not say, that Berisha's blow came too late, even if we assume that the accusations against him are sound. Among the Berishists, who are apparently in and around the DP, the former leader of the first opposition party enjoys the status of a hero and a martyr.

When American revenge was expected to fall on Rama or any of his people, it targeted their idol.

As for Berisha, it seems that this gave him a third political life. His situation is similar to an episode of 'The Godfather' where Al Pacino as Michael Corleone says: every time I try to get out, they pull me back in.

Berisha is 'in' already because the Americans have made a political move, with no regard to any anthropological consideration: Berisha can accept defeat (he did it in 2013), but not humiliation. He experienced the same humiliation in 1997 when his office in the Presidency became the target of the Rescue Committees with guns and the Americans with statements. Resistance will be his fight, because Berisha is the mountaineer of the Aryan dawns (quoting Rose Wilder Lane) who believes, even in error, in the justice of his cause.

And this is the anthropological trajectory set aside by the American non grata.

Americans have done their own thing and will not move beyond it. They have realized that the symbolism of their act has encountered the granite of MountRushmore located in Berisha's head. The Doctor can not accept this American cancel culture because he thinks that, together with the Americans, he gave cancel to the communist regime of Tirana.

Many think that Berisha is struggling for his family and against prison, but this is not the case. Quite the contrary, he thinks of himself in historical terms and intends to use to the end the lever of the actuality not to allow the politics of the day to divert history.

So the problem remains with Basha more than the Americans who, when they see local problems as unsolvable, archive them.

Berisha's removal through a public statement, and using the forums, which he owns en masse, will reawaken that part of the DP that sees the party as a Doctor's creature and can not accept any obituary for him that does not contain dithyramb and glory. This part, together with so many enemies from the old PD, would make political life very difficult and would forever end Basha's chances to defeat Rama. When the party sees the chances of coming to power getting even slimmer, Lulzim Basha would not be seen as more than a bogeyman at the end of the DP field to scare Edi Rama. Someone who already knows the bogeyman and its effectiveness.

As the Americans say, Basha is now in between a rock and a hard place. This is always the case with those who fail to secure political tempism through courage. If you expect a move from Basha it will be a nonmove.

As the Americans say, when things get tough the tough get going.  


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