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Arbër Hajdari

Arbër Hajdari

by Genti Çela

There is a paradox in our reaction to the new patterns of public life in the country, of voluntary activism, philanthropy, art, science and other fields in our general confusion.

Especially when young people are engaged, not standing idly by in the face of a sad reality for many who expect from someone a little hope and solidarity.

One of the names recently targeted from the depths of the armchairs of anonymous portals, is that of Arbër Hajdari, the young man who leads a group of young volunteers who are every day near families with special needs.

Thanks to Arbri and "Fundjavë Ndryshe", thousands of families provide food every day.

Hundreds of patients left hopeless in our hospitals, have been treated and operated on, in the best hospitals in Europe.

Over a thousand families have a shelter today.

Occasional mud finds Arbri sending sick children abroad, helping and sheltering families, recently accommodating a number of Afghans not waiting for the pros or cons, but becoming part of the emergency solution that sees them as human beings in special needs.

With an incomparable spiritual vocation, ubiquitous in all four corners of our poorly painful country, he spends the most beautiful years of his life sharing the tragedy of forgotten lives with his empathy, enjoying the trust and admiration of Albanians everywhere in the world.

Tutsa hiding behind a mobile phone, capped by the neighborhood coffee, were worried about a family joy of Arber. If these energies were spent on the concern of safety of life, of food, on road accidents, murders, unemployment, governance, surrugato music with which the wandering generations are injected into the nothingness of the missing horizons of the future, this country will surely to be different.

In our country, from time to time, under the abuse of freedom of speech (where every idiot has the opportunity to say something - Umberto Eco means for the virtual world) there are mud attacks for Mother Teresa as well. For what it's supposed to be for us, the identity icon.

BORGES says "I believe only in individuals: all others, nationalities and social classes are merely intellectual comforts."

Therefore, the energy of Arbër Hajdari as a model should be promoted, located away from the forums and lazy and applauding groups of political parties, it creates in itself an original identity which must be supported by any reasonable voice of society.

I know Arber closely, so I speak with conviction and responsibility along with hope and prayers for more Arber.

That our Arberia, at least, is not poor even spiritually. 

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