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MPs without language and dignity, they don't even need the hell, the Albanians don't, the opposition doesn't and doesn't

MPs without language and dignity, they don't even need the hell, the

From Hysni Gurra

Yesterday, the Alliance for the Theatre, citizens and the opposition came out in protest against the rampant corruption of Erion Veliaj in the Municipality of Tirana.

The young people, angry at the theft of their taxes by Veliaj and the criminal organization of the directors of the municipality, threw some crackles at the door of the municipality.

A protest extremely far from the model of civil protests in Athens, Rome, Paris, London, etc., where citizens clash violently with the police and set fire to government institutions every time their rights are violated.

However, the two shouts that the young people threw in front of the town hall, as a sign of anger at the theft of millions of euros, were responded to in an unprecedented way by the stinking alliance of Western ambassadors in Tirana, from the British, American, Italian and even the OSCE headquarters, who received in defense of the most unscrupulous thief that exists in any European capital.

The reaction of the ambassadors shows what their point of view is really about the Albanians. By protecting a thief, they position Albanians as a primitive, ignorant and unemancipated people, who do not have the right to protest like other citizens of European capitals such as Paris, London, Berlin...

After the stance taken by the embassies in open defense of the thief, whose '5D' gang is in prison, so it is not a rumor, there were angry reactions from the few people with integrity and dignity in the media and occasionally some intellectuals.

Category that never accepts that Albanians are described as a nation with a tail, as the western embassies did yesterday in Tirana.

However, something very interesting happens for the umpteenth time in these cases.

MPs of the opposition, the Democratic Party and others, apparently, think that the citizens who pay them are really stupid and primitive, as the ambassadors think!!!

If you notice the social networks of the Democratic Party deputies, most of whom were also at the protest yesterday, there is no reaction to the humiliating reaction of the Western embassies.

Apart from Belind Kelliçi, Flamur Noka and someone else that I can't think of right now.

So, no member of parliament reacts when a superthief is taken for protection by the ambassadors and their voters are seriously insulted, citizens who have been stabbed in the heart by poverty.

This kind of absent attitude of theirs does not come because they think that the ambassadors have the right attitude. NO!

They remain speechless from fear, from the lack of dignity, from the political primitivism that characterizes them and the ugly servility that exists from Albanian deputies (of all political sides) against all kinds of palaces that speak English.

This category of people not only does not deserve to be representative of the people, but should be pointed at, despised and discouraged by anyone.

Such MPs are afraid to shout out loud that their leader is unjustly imprisoned. They know that he is being held prisoner without evidence and facts, but their tongues are wrapped around their throats and they don't say it.

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