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Transgender piggy bank of Tirana

Transgender piggy bank of Tirana


By Luciano Boçi

The children and parents of the show offered by the Municipality of Tirana found themselves in front of an unexpected scene when the appearance of a transgender piglet, configured nude, was revealed in front of them.

I don't know what the reaction of the audience has been, and even less can I predict the parents' answers to their children's curious questions, but I know that our famous media, the one that has an influence on opinion, why not education (without replacing the school ) conveyed it in silence as normal.

Tirana's transgender piggy bank was preceded by the clock tower clown in Elbasan, who showed his back to the summer day revelers. Nothing is accidental here.

I read the first reaction to this perversity from the well-known Caslli.

The provocative courage of the ideators with clear leftist agendas and the apathy of the public in the face of this perversity, meanwhile, have left me speechless.
Leftist political provocateurs have long invested in their intent to distort society's gender perception. Often, as in the present case, they do it in the name of art (which is not such at all). Other times in the name of non-discrimination and modernity.

And then even worse, they give their perversities the form of laws to impose their social standard by force.

This started a long time ago and the target is the family, its disintegration through the denaturation of the gender concept of individuals and the place and role of the members within it.

The attack is ferocious and continuous. It is political, social and moral.

They want to break our spiritual constitution at all costs, the totality of those norms and rules which have been our main moral and spiritual shield that has kept us standing in the face of the storms of time and history.

This agenda has its authors today's rulers and proud people, who even see this agenda as the main support, among others, from where their political rule originates.
After collapsing the basic pillars of education in pre-university education, Rama with his fellow citizens and his rebirth station, attacked the family with parent 1, parent 2 and deformed adoptions.
At the same time, they want to eliminate the value of motherhood through surrogacy and now promote the man without gender identity, the man transfigured into half genders or mixed genders.

This is that desired young Renaissance man. A man with a hermaphrodite mind, without identity, without those values ​​clearly separated and carried by God and nature to the woman and the man. A man who does not think, does not react, has no virtues, ideals and dreams but only a mixed and dull physical dimension that reflects a psychic state surrendered and subdued in the face of all evil, being itself a product and symbol of evil and ugly.

This is the most greedy project that Rilindja e Rama is realizing for what it pompously launches as the Albania of 2030.

What about the public?!

The audience often laughs, or applauds, with the profane idea of ​​being in a show, without considering the traumatization of young people and the breaking of those taboos that keep family and social relationships healthy.

Perversity always creates curiosity and hilarity on first encounter, but its effect leaves an indelible stain on children and people of truncated knowledge who see it as a cultural imposition and then accept it as normality, thus influencing the way of thinking. and their behavior.
Such perversions undermine and blow up those necessary rules that channel towards balance and development a normal society.
The public must react to this.

The voices of Caslli or some others are not enough and it is not a question here of the reactions of associations that protect the value of the family.

The transgender piggy bank of the Renaissance is a political project that should be demolished an hour ago.
The political collapse is the cure from this evil that is taking over society.

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