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With the exception of the opposition MPs, the Parliament will compete for calm churches, mosques, and synagogues

With the exception of the opposition MPs, the Parliament will compete for calm

 By Lutfi Dervishi

Indecent scenes in Parliament with pyramids of chairs, flares, and guards will be a bitter memory of the past. Peace and understanding will take the place of noise and chaos. The parliamentary majority will approve a regulation that opposition MPs who do not behave well, will receive a "behavior grade" and will be expelled not from 10 days, but from 1 to two months.

In fact, as we have seen, the month passes quickly, so it is good to rule out a year or two. The two-year exemption is like killing two birds with one stone. It removes the hassle from the Parliament and also saves the budget because it leaves the traffickers without salaries.

With the exception of the opposition MPs, the Parliament will compete for the peace of the churches, mosques, and synagogues. The much-requested reforms will no longer be hindered, even the majority now has a chance that with the opposition's discipline, I will not only make reforms, but will also have a chance to do some work.

Democracy, very agree, but with order and calmness.

It is clear that after the punishment period, the opposition MPs will return to the Parliament, so measures must be taken so that the Parliament does not return to the inn without gates. Opposition MPs should be carefully checked not to carry eggs, smokes and fireworks. But this is not enough. To make sure that they will not tell lies, before entering the Parliament, each opposition MP must undergo the truth machine with the standard question:

What are your plans today?

Which of the MPs has a smoker with them?

Who intends to insult the government?

In order to guarantee that the peace in the hall will not be violated, the speaker of the Assembly must have a special button and every time she takes the floor, even for procedural reasons, an opposition deputy must press the mute button and thus the deputy of the opposition is free to speak to himself for up to 1 minute.

Meanwhile, the Speaker of the Assembly and the majority MPs should close their ears so they don't hear the voices of the opposition MPs.

To make sure that the masked opposition will not move from their chair, it is better to either sit a guard on each chair or to install handcuffs where the MPs are tied with one hand while they can ask for the floor with the other hand whenever they want and exercise their duty as representatives of the people.

Albania is a country that has freedom of expression guaranteed by the constitution, so there is no question of the opposition MPs' freedom of expression being restricted, but by using technology, the opposition MPs can communicate in a WhatsApp group, where the administrator of the group will be the chairman of the majority parliamentary group. If opposition MPs dare to write offensive words, then they will no longer be allowed to write in letters, but they can still express themselves with emojis. But if they behave well, there they can discuss to vote for (with the short finger sign up) or vote against (the short finger sign down).

With the adoption of these measures, it is expected that the opposition MPs will not give up on the demand for the establishment of the parliamentary investigative commission. They will again request the establishment of the parliamentary investigative commission, but they will modify the object of the request: The new object of the investigation will be: our destructive behavior during the last two months.


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