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When irony is used inappropriately

When irony is used inappropriately

By Luciano Boci

Rama has ironized from Pristina the accusations and the detention of Thaçi and Veseli in cells. Dick Marty and the Hague Tribunal really deserve scandalous and ironic grades with ridiculous accusations against KLA fighters.

But is just one irony enough in this case ?!

Moreover, is this just a passing opinion, or the official position of a Prime Minister ?!

Let us not forget that with the same level of irony, Rama has devalued the Serbian genocide in Kosovo and the massacres of Recak, Krusha, Cerez, Prekaz, Izbica, etc., devaluations that were followed by similar statements of the Serbian Prime Minister and preceded by VUICIC.

In the face of this far from effective and more journalistic-style irony, Rama should have clearly articulated his stance against the ridiculous accusations of Dick Marty and The Hague, in defense of KLA values ​​and war.

And most importantly:

After the rejection of the DP resolutions by him and the SP, condemning the genocide and the Serbian massacres in Kosovo and Bosnia, Rama had to be firm and taxing in his stance on these genocides.

But he preferred to remain silent, trying to pass the situation with ironic laughter out of place, while his "friends" and KLA leaders, today face behind bars, with accusations fabricated by Serbian lobbies and his civilian VUCIC.

He did not utter a word and the words GENOCID, MASSACRE, RECAK, KRUSHË, PREKAZ were included in the fund of detainees.

He did not speak not because he did not know them, but because he did not want to.

Vucic's "Open Balkan" and his beloved Serbia are harmed!

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