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The Eid letter for Charles...that it would have been better not to have written

Lutfi Dervishi

The letter of condolence of the President of the Republic to King Charles III will undoubtedly be remembered for the unforgivable blunders that show not only incompetence and ignorance, but also an old mentality protected by the 'past regime'.

In just five paragraphs, things remain in my mind that not only should not be written in such a letter but would be ridiculous to think about at a table of friends.

In the second paragraph, he describes him as a 'dedicated citizen'...

In the third paragraph, he adds Northern Ireland and Brexit to the difficult challenges, a decision taken by referendum by the British themselves.

In the fourth paragraph in one sentence there are two mistakes: 'In modern times when the monarchical system seemed outmoded...' 

With this sentence, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Kingdom of Norway, the Kingdom of Denmark, the Kingdom of Belgium, the Kingdom of Spain, the Kingdom of Sweden, the Emperor of Japan, the Prince of Monaco, the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, etc. will definitely be shocked. It is surprising how the word 'anti-popular regime' or 'medieval regime' has not been added.

But following this strange sentence, he addresses His Excellency with the word, His Majesty, that is, with one drop of the pencil, he lowers him two ranks. Your Majesty, Your Highness, Your Majesty.

And at the end, the address where 'Buckingham Palace' should have been missing.

However, the positive side must also be seen. Imagine that the President had read this text and forwarded it to the public as a video message. It would be the classic case of a man reading a text who not only did not write the content himself but does not even understand what he is reading.

It's a luxury to ask people in the Presidency to read a book about the Monarchy, but maybe they can learn something about the Monarchy and especially about the late Queen by watching the Netflix series 'The Croën'. It seems that they haven't seen it yet because if they had followed it, they wouldn't have written in the paper about 'devoted statesman', about 'the superior monarchical system' for 'Her Excellency' and count as a challenge to the 'extended conflict' in Northern Ireland' or 'Brexit'.

Everyone already accepts that the President who was chosen by the solid majority of this country as the best candidate he had - must do well in at least the ceremonial role and not leave room and reason for the voices in the majority that 'this one and not that one deserves a dismissal motion' '.

On the other hand, let's hope that King Charles III while reading this letter, will think that it was written by some comic who stays in the royal palace to entertain the courtiers and not the high representative of the Albanians who is now clearly who they have as head of state.




The Eid letter for Charles...that it would have been better not to have written




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