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By blocking the granting and obtaining of Albanian citizenship, the Presidency of the Republic of Albania violates the law "On citizenship" with both feet.

By blocking the granting and obtaining of Albanian citizenship, the Presidency


There is already a high pile of about 100 files of citizens who, for one reason or another, want to leave or receive Albanian citizenship.

The majority of these files have gone to the President's institution since the time when President Meta was still in office.

In this case, the New Presidency has completely blocked the process for more than four months, leaving its citizens on the streets of the world, who have been stateless for at least six months. They are already trapped in countries, such as Germany, etc., which, after promising to provide them with passports, expect to leave Albanian citizenship.

With this unprecedented act, the Presidency forgets that it is in charge of the state to serve its citizens, being paid by these citizens themselves. The philosophy that the world starts from the beginning with my coming to power is as provincial as it is anti-European.

But to be more specific in this matter, we are quoting the "Law on Property" No. 113/2020, which in its twenty articles explicitly states that:

"1. The President of the Republic within 60 (sixty) days from the submission of the proposal by the ministry issues the relevant decree and communicates it to the person who submitted the request, in accordance with the provisions of the Code of Administrative Procedures. In the event that the request and the accompanying documentation are not complete, they are returned for completion to the structure responsible for handling citizenship issues at the Ministry of the Interior within 30 (thirty) days from the date of submission."

The blockade has within it an anti-human and heartless dimension of the new bureaucracy, which plays with people's aspirations and dreams.

Under these conditions, the number of applicants who are submitting their files to the Ministry of the Interior is also growing in geometric progression. Thus, there is no other way to explain this behavior except with the deliberate promotion of the clientelistic spirit, which orientalizes our beloved Albania even more.

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