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A deal that should not be accepted

Nuk mund ta pranojmë shpopullimin e Shqipërisë nga shqiptarët dhe zëvendësimin e tyre me të huaj

A deal that should not be accepted

by Ekrem Spahiu

Suddenly, as if we were a continent away from our government, we find out that the Prime Minister has signed a Memorandum of Understanding, according to which Albania has agreed to host in its territory the centers that manage thousands of possible illegal refugees headed for Italy and rescued in the sea.

Meanwhile, we learn the official content of the Memorandum from indirect sources, not from official sources! Why this secrecy and lack of transparency? Why this distance with the institutions, the opposition, the public, the media? Why all the hurry?

Even international institutions and organizations were surprised. "We need to verify the details of the agreement with Albania", said the spokeswoman of the European Commission. While researchers of Amnesty International for Europe, estimate that this agreement is illegal and ineffective in terms of internationally accepted rights and norms, therefore it should be cancelled. Similar agreements with third countries have been deemed unacceptable by these bodies.

Meanwhile, we are witnessing a frightening demographic phenomenon: Albania is depopulating because the Albanians, moreover the young generation, are leaving the country. Instead of the government finding a major solution to this phenomenon with serious and all-encompassing consequences, it brings us an opposite solution: fill the country with refugees.

The same parallel cannot be removed with the humanity demonstrated by the Albanian nation in historical times for housing Jews or foreign citizens during the Greek and Serbian genocides. In these cases, there was national will, but state sovereignty was not affected. On the contrary, in the case of the agreement that has become a fait accompli with Italy, we are put in the conditions of the alienation of territorial sovereignty, which is a constitutional and, of course, legal object. Which institutions have the right to negotiate, sign and ratify? We are not a state without a constitution and laws. The constitution and laws clearly define such cases, even for foreign military forces transiting through our country. So why are they not respected?   

The lesson we learned from a similar commitment we made with the Iranian mujahedin sheltered in Albania was very significant: they abused the support offered to them by the Albanian state, which even became the object of terrorist attacks on the most nerve-wracking asset of the state's functioning : the blocking of online public services from the cyber attack that was done to Albania a year ago. Then, instead of learning, we actually increase the risks.

Moreover, we learn that among the immigrants who will be sheltered in Albania, the agreement does not include minors, pregnant women and other vulnerable groups. This means that, in the reception centers, persons with public and social danger, even terrorist elements, can be accommodated. In this way, not only public safety is affected, nor only tourism, on which our economy relies and will increasingly rely, but above all, national security. 

Therefore, I find it reasonable, not only as a right-wing political force (PLL), but also as a citizen, that we do not accept this agreement. We cannot accept the depopulation of Albania by Albanians and their replacement by foreigners.

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