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"That Blinken does not come as a Pope to wash away the sins of the Rama-MgGonigal Affair"

"That Blinken does not come as a Pope to wash away the sins of the

By Andi Bejtja

The big photo of Secretary Blinken at the University of Tirana to Mother Teresa, just like the one of the Pope when his Excellency visited Albania, is undoubtedly enjoyed by Edi Rama and his Government. Rama and his ilk love the Secretary of State as Pope, not just to confess the sins Blinken easily finds in the latest State Department report, where the index of corruption, dirty money and media and vote buying, is in the loudest day: Rama and his people want Blinken as Pope to wash away exactly these sins described in the Report, to wash away the sin of corrupting the senior FBI official Mg Gonigal, which shamed America more than Albania, to add bricks to the oligarchy and concrete the autocracy.

I am not naive to believe that for the first time a High American official, when it comes to a small country like Albania, in the relationship between Stability and Democracy, and especially in this turbulent time not only for our region but for all over the world, will lean towards DEMOCRACY instead of STABILITY in the elections, but I will make some efforts and precisely with "Made in Usa" Tips so that at least the visit of a Secretary of State does not end up like the lobbied visit of a Pope with soap in hand to wash away the sins of corrupt autocrats.

For example, I would be happy if, at least on the plane on the way to Albania, one of his subordinates read just 30 seconds a part of the speech of another Secretary of State, kept fixed for coincidence in the month of February a decade ago. This is what John Carry literally said in that historic speech, not just diplomatic, and just when the crisis in Ukraine had just started: "The aspirations of citizens are again being trampled by corruption, by the interests of the oligarchs, who use money to breathe political opposition, to buy politicians and the media, as well as to weaken the independence of the judiciary and civil society".

Unfortunately, after a decade, both in the region and in Albania, these phenomena have increased several times, since the American policy, especially in this region, has unfairly held a grudge for the opposition and flowers for the Government in exchange for the marriage of some mujahedins or Afghans, making that in such corrupt affairs as the Icenrator in Tirana, we can get to where the Americans have the greatest fear: to find traces of Russian and Iranian money.

I would be doubly happy if even for a few seconds while dozing off on the plane, Secretary Blinken would recall President Biden's Doctrine "Democracy versus Autocracy", a doctrine formalized in the so-called two Democracy Summits held in 2021 and 2022 in Washington. 
I would be three times happy, if only for 15 seconds, if someone from the subordinates simply on the plane, maybe starting after the flight attendant gave the wet pizza to Secretary Blinken after the meal, brought back another statement of another high-ranking American official, yes a few years ago so that he would especially consider when he meets either Rama or Duman. Here's what Jonathan More explicitly said: "Doesn't fighting corruption mean that those who have power today complain about those who had power before?" It should not be a matter of simply blaming the ancestors".

I would be four times happy, very happy, if someone reminded Secretary Blinken before he landed on Albanian soil of what I also discussed with President Bush during the interview I had with him at the White House in 2007 where he gave two important news. Independent Kosovo and Albania in NATO: "It is easy to find a pro-American government in this region, but not so easy to find pro-American peoples." Keep calm, Secretary Blinken, because this opposition is just as servile and vassal to you as it takes not only mujahedin and Afghans, but also danger and chemical weapons if you propose them again. Be careful, be nice to the Albanians, respect some democratic principles, some balances, because it will not be surprising that the Albanians also end up blindly loving America and end up with the same mixed feelings towards you as the Greeks, the Macedonians or even worse The Serbs.

And finally, dear Secretary Blinken, to be honest, I am five times happy, that unlike all other Nogratas in the World and in the Region, where the motive of Nongrata is written in black on white, specifically, you declared Nongrata former prime minister Berisha without any evidence or facts, doing a great honor to Albanian democracy. Without this act, today we would have almost no dam of democracy and opposition resistance, we would have much, much less denunciations of this kleptocratic regime, we would risk having a joint government from the left to the right, the beneficiary of which they would be a handful of politicians and oligarchs, for whom the other Secretary of State John Kerry gave the alarm in February exactly 10 years ago.

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