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Rama's three messages and the McGonigal ghost that is ruining his stay in NewYork

Rama's three messages and the McGonigal ghost that is ruining his stay in

From Agim Nesho

I. Rama's first message is his assessment of "Albanian diplomacy that is achieving new successes and peaks". In fact, Rama, as the master of the propaganda mechanism that maintains the regime, hides from public opinion that being a member of the Security Council is a duty that every UN member state must do for itself and the organization.

This rhetoric for the Security Council and almost the same agenda was also made by Gabon, which is serving in the Security Council in the same period as Albania. In October 2022, the Gabonese delegation held the presidency of the Security Council and prepared a high-level debate, which the foreign ministry announced would be chaired by President Ali Bongo of Gabon.

As in the case of Rama, the meeting would be at the level of foreign ministers. But both Gabon's Bongo and Albania's Rama thought they were capable of playing the role of world leaders. Although Bongo hailed Gabon's membership of the Security Council as a historic achievement, he did not fully enjoy it because of a coup against his decades-old dynasty and public opinion that elections were rigged and institutions were corrupt. illegitimate.

However, it is worth mentioning the achievement that Rama understood the importance of the United Nations Organization after 10 years in power, when in his first visit he dealt with Hollywood actors whom he would invite when he visited Albania. His euphoria about his indisputable role (of Rama) seems to be fading even from the Albanian President of the OSCE, Osmani, who is showing more substance.

II. Rama's order for the Kurti-Vucic meeting was ridiculous to believe for what Vucic casually calls a 'global leader'. Rama proved that he has no influence on Kosovo's institutions and on Prime Minister Kurti, but also on Vucic, who has used him to implement Russian-Serbian projects in the Balkans. After becoming a mouthpiece for Vucic to persuade the European Union not to pressure Serbia to impose sanctions on Russia, he ran away from Open Balkans - his diplomatic venture with Vucic - when he belatedly realized (or someone has announced) that Serbia's ties with Russia are very deep and can drown it itself.

Rama's advice to the two countries is made as if it was a statement of the American President and not one used as a pawn, who wanted to make Albania a part of the new Yugoslavia in order to appease the nationalist ambitions of Belgrade.

III. The message for the minorities and the slap for Greece was the message of a prime minister who desperately wants to find an agreement with Greece as soon as possible. For Rama, it was unacceptable that Greece stood in principle for the 'Beleri' case. He was convinced that by "talking" he had given a lot to Greece by violating the Constitution on the division of the sea.

At least they should let him do 'whatever he wants' with the properties on the coast. Many wise Albanians told me: - He did good to the Greeks because he lied to them, mocked them, told you that President Meta did not sign for me, etc. etc. In fact, Rama was scared by what he had promised you, but the Greeks believed the promises and left Rama to destroy democracy in Albania without saying a word. Rama's 'arrogant' attitude does not show strength, but is part of a negotiation that Rama wants to do with other actors.

Rama's three messages were nothing more than expressions of his anxiety about the situation created by the McGonigal corruption case. McGonigal is turning out to be a ghost that even brother Alex can't save. At stake is American pride that a Balkan gangster seeks to challenge.

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