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Balina Bodinaku tells why she withdrew from the decision to be a columnist in BBV and how she sees the residents now

Balina Bodinaku tells why she withdrew from the decision to be a columnist in

Balina Bodinaku was one of the opinion leaders of the last edition of "Big Brother VIP". Although this edition she is no longer in the role of an opinion writer, she often expresses herself on her social networks, giving her opinion on this year's residents. Invited to "Wake Up" this morning, Balina told us how she sees their game.

How does Balina see the Olta Gixhari game?

"I thought of Olta as a strong player. She is a very popular actress and stood out from the rest. I see Olta in the final, maybe even the winner. But I don't like that she came in in a very loud way and it hurt her."

On the other hand, Balina has also expressed her consent to a resident, Luiz...

"There are certain characteristics that make a very strong player. Luiz makes the game very easy, combining his talents, humor and attacks. And he doesn't take anything personally. He is focused. Luiz will go all the way to the final."

What does the opinionist think about the romantic relationship that is developing between Kiara and Luiz?

"Kiara is not giving him a lot of confidence. Luiz needs to see his game now. I see it like whatever he says or does, it's not by accident. I watch a Kiara game based on Luiz alone, I'm starting to doubt if she has a game of her own. Looks like her game is Louis."

Balina has also expressed her opinion and her liking for Efi's game. Here's how she comments...

"I like Efi as a player. She plays hard, despite being positioned in Luiz's group. But also strategically she plays well. Maybe her goal is not to win, but she plays for herself."

What about the new opinion columnist of this edition of "Big Brother VIP", Zhaklin Lekatari, what does she have to say?

"It's a difficult position. It's a difficult chair to hold, but I didn't care about Zhak. It's difficult to speak your mind and understand how much pressure you have from the outside. Zhak wrote to me and said: "I hope replace you decently".

Which "Big Brother VIP" does Balina like more, this edition or the last one?

"I'm very fond of the first house. This edition was very aggressive, maybe it influenced that they were still fresh from the first "Big Brother". I think the game is a little more centralized and aggressive now, unlike years ago."

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