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The BBV resident tells how she learned that her "sister" was actually her mother

The BBV resident tells how she learned that her "sister" was actually

Santiana Maloku has shown that she has a special family history and revealed this during an interview on "Ftse se 5" given a few months ago.

Among other things, the beauty from Gjakova has shown how she found out at the age of seven that what was introduced to her as her sister was actually her mother.

" Yes, I was playing near the house with a cousin of my mother and as a child, small fights, she told me and I was shocked that I did not expect it.

And I went home and called my mother. I also entered the room, because I will never forget that moment and I addressed you to my sister, I said 'Tell me, are you my mother or my sister' and she remained, she didn't know how to react. 'Yes, I am your mother. Let me tell you all.

They also sold me all the things, from the beginning to the end since I was there, why did I decide not to sell me, they decided that they sold me when I grew up and a little bit so that they understood me better, don't judge my mother and Santiana said.

The video showing this moment has already been widely shared on social networks.

The same has shown that her parents separated immediately after the war, as her father left for Germany and her mother raised her alone.

Santina's mother, whose name is Agnesa Maloku, is the first female police officer in Gjakovë and a member of the Special Unit of the Kosovo Police.

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