Beyonce first black woman to top Billboard chart

Beyonce first black woman to top Billboard chart

Singer Beyoncé is releasing country music and it's already topping the charts. Her new hit 'Texas Hold 'Em' is the first song by a black woman to debut at number one on the Billboard chart .

The choice of country music may have come as a surprise to some, but her father feels it has always been in his daughter's blood. Dr. Matthew Knowles said that Beyonce as a child spent time with his parents, that is, with her grandparents in Alabama, who loved country music.

"When Beyoncé was a young child of about two or three years old, she spent the summer with my parents," says Dr Knowles. “And her grandfather loved country music and would sing it to her every time. From an early age she heard this music."

Dr Knowles, who managed his daughter until 2011, says he would not be surprised if Beyonce's childhood memories played a role in her new direction. The record executive previously managed Beyoncé's sister Solange and her band Destiny's Child. He says Beyonce now has the opportunity to bring a whole new audience to the country genre.


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