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Bieta reacts after the "Invitation to 5" incident: No one can do the moral police

Bieta reacts after the "Invitation to 5" incident: No one can do the

The topic of yesterday's program on "Invitation to 5" was related to the request for the legalization of polygyny made by lawyer Migena Balla. Polygyny is a type of marriage where a man has more than one wife.

Invited to discuss this issue were Olsi Jazenxhi, husband of the lawyer and Zhaklin Lekatari, journalist, activist.

During the show, Olsi Jazenxhi constantly insulted Zhaklina, from the ironic way of speaking, the use of terms such as "grapes" to the hints of her private life. Bieta asked to end the relationship with Olsi, thereby removing him from the program. Through a post on Instagram, she expressed:

"Today was not an ordinary show. I asked a guest to turn off his microphone, until I even decided to remove him from the show. It is not just embarrassing, but completely intolerable that hitting below the belt: personal insults, putting under the bed sheet of everyone, public lynching and desecration of the public figure are allowed. As I expressed and reacted strongly throughout the show until the guest's departure, I condemn any insult and I cannot accept that precisely in 'Invitation to 5", the show that has a pillar one's own "protection and elevation of the dignity of women", to denigrate those who think differently. Neither in "Ftese ne 5" nor in our society can anyone do "moral police."

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