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Drake appears with the double-headed eagle on his jacket

Drake appears with the double-headed eagle on his jacket

A few weeks ago, Drake released his new album, where Prishtina is mentioned in one of the songs.

 "Either it's your text that I'm reading wrong, or your actions are just misleading. I don't know how they do things in Pristina, but I know that the tension is rising", says the lyrics of Drake's song.

But the Canadian rapper's love for Albanians does not stop here! In the video clip published a few moments ago for this song, Drake appears playing poker and billiards with some Albanians while everyone, including the rapper, wears jackets with the double-headed eagle.

It is not known if there was any Albanian woman who broke the heart of the singer, who in the lyrics of the song mourns for a "double" love.

"No, no, you remind me of someone I think I know," Drake says while playing pool and poker with some Albanians. "You know and I know things she didn't know / I'm not the same person I was five drinks ago," sings Drake as he appears on a balcony overlooking the ocean.


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